The Lidl Social Price Drop

Christmas is a key trading period for supermarkets, but a particularly challenging one for Lidl as even existing customers often trade up to more premium supermarkets. Lidl wanted to show that it listens to customers and rewards them in return.

The Lidl Social Price Drop is a very simple idea. Every Monday at 8am, we launched a new product on the ‘market,’ and promoted it with an instructional video. The CTA was simply to tweet the product @LidlUK (i.e. #lobster, #serranoham etc). The more tweets we got, the lower the price fell.

Across Monday and Tuesday we measured live data and changed the price incrementally, before announcing what the final new lowered price had reached – this was then rolled out on each Saturday for one day only, across every Lidl store.

We worked with influencers to generate buzz, and created real time responses with rich gifs sent to individual participants. We built specialised Twitter conversational ads that created ready-made tweets for customers to send, making entry as seamless as possible for users. Additionally, our always on approach means that we created a ‘war room’ for building and sending personalised content to hundreds of consumers, with the client hotdesking at our office a minimum of one day a week to keep the campaign at a high speed.

The results were quite astonishing, exceeding expectations both for the agency and within the business. Sales continued to exceed expectations throughout the campaign for each product the Social Price Drop was applied to. The work generated over 30 pieces of PR coverage, also being cited by The Guardian three weeks later as the main driver for Lidl’s most successful Christmas trading results ever.