Sky Bet

Paid search changes fast. If you’re in gaming, like our client Sky Bingo, the pace is relentless — especially at peak traffic hours, when bidding gets particularly aggressive (and expensive). If we could generate the same level of traffic while streamlining costs, we knew we’d save a lot of money. We could then use the spare budget to boost our client’s presence elsewhere.

We decided to develop a custom bidding script — one that would give us more control, both technically and practically, than anything else out there. For £150 and some minimal admin costs, we wrote, implemented and ran our new bidding tool, which helped us achieve the same traffic for 30% less. That wasn’t all. By reallocating the extra funds to SkyBet’s World Cup PPC campaign, we gave our client a much-needed edge at a crucial time in the marketing calendar — growing their customer base by an estimated 7%.

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