Rebirth of a Monster

Monster's organic search traffic had dropped by 23% and wasn't showing any signs of slowing. We were tasked with diagnosing the problem and proposing a fix to stop the leaky bucket across all 6 of their major European markets.

After rigorous analysis of the search landscape, the competition, the platform and the content, we laid out a detailed, year-long plan to get Monster back in the search game over the course of 2015. Our plan involved three-hundred technical projects and 50 content projects: collectively the projects spanned 1,000,000 keywords in 6 languages. It was a massive undertaking. But it worked.

By June 2015, 360i had stopped the leak and started to grow search traffic. By December, we'd hit +20% year on year traffic, in January we were set for +24% and February we hit +29%. We had restored the search authority of a jobs giant.

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