Kellogg’s Krave - Tweet When You Eat

Kellogg’s wanted Krave to become the brand on the lips of every teenager over the summer. We needed to win a place for Krave in their hearts and minds using genuine peer-to-peer influence.

Our insight showed the teenage audience was unlikely to respond to traditional media activity. This audience consumed online video far more than traditional TV. We advised Kellogg’s to follow their audience and its heroes, and make use of YouTube. To place #TWUE credibly into the social space occupied by teenagers we partnered with 14 vloggers to create a piece of branded video content every week over 14 weeks.

This resulted in funny, engaging and highly sharable video content, which we then amplified further using media. Our vloggers were recruited to encourage their followers to participate in their own challenges over at @KraveUnleashed. The video content was also embedded into Krave’s Facebook page to further engage the brand’s current fans.

Together with in-store promotions the activity contributed to a 32% sales uplift during the campaign period. Tweet When U Eat delivered record levels of 'Sensing' for the brand and there were more than 6 million video views, 3 million of these in the UK, against a target of 2 million.

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