IKEA – How Facebook Ads Can Drive In-Store Footfall

For a retailer like IKEA, in-store foot traffic is critically important to enable brand experience, and feet on the ground are simply more valuable than lines in a database. So we partnered with Facebook and EE to trial highly experimental technology for the iconic brand.

We combined hyperlocal Facebook ad targeting with all-new tracking technology from EE to test the hypothesis that social advertising as an isolated variable could be proven to drive in-store foot traffic. We created two identical groups; one group that would be exposed to advertising on Facebook and a control group that would not be exposed. The idea was to physically track each group using their mobile signal to see who actually visited an IKEA store during the campaign period.

This was the first time mobile data had been linked to social advertising to track the impact on real life behaviour. For the first time we were able to identify people’s actual behaviour, rather than claimed behaviour, and see if they had visited the store. Crucially, we could tell whether or not they had been exposed to advertising at scale.

We conclusively proved that Facebook advertising significantly influenced consumers’ shopping behaviour, delivering an ROI of 6:1 against the paid media spend.

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