The Guardian – Brexit's Crackers

The Guardian needed to show the world they could still be a relevant and independent voice in post-Brexit Britain. So we created ‘Brexit’s Crackers’ – a limited edition run of satirical Brexit-themed Christmas crackers, poking fun at Referendum results.

Introducing: “Brexit’s Crackers”. A limited edition run of satirical Brexit-themed crackers, that poked fun at the Referendum result.

The crackers were distributed to readers through a Guardian competition, and supported by a Print, Digital and Outdoor campaign.

Central to this campaign was an iconic Press, Outdoor, and digital execution - with a headline that posed the question whether the ‘prize’ of pulling the two sides of the cracker apart (i.e. EU and UK) would be worth the cost.

Best of all, the V&A have added a box to their collection – as an artefact of ‘cultural and historical significance’. This is no mean feat - the last item the V&A requested from the Guardian was Edward Snowden’s personal laptop.

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