Eurostar - South of France holidays

In 2015, Eurostar was launching new direct routes to Lyon, Avignon, and Marseille – cities it had previously only serviced with slow, indirect trains. In the past, this inconvenience had been a big deterrent for consumers used to speedy flights – and most didn’t consider Eurostar when booking travel south of Paris. Consequently, Eurostar was nowhere in the search rankings.

We needed to raise awareness of these new direct routes, establish Eurostar’s search rankings for associated key words, and push traffic to the website. We spotted an opportunity: ‘South of France holidays’ searches outweigh specific city break searches by a massive 220:1. Ranking higher for these search terms would bring larger amounts traffic to our site. So we created a standalone ‘South of France holidays’ content hub housing engaging and shareable multimedia content about Lyon, Avignon and Marseille.

To build search authority before the routes launched, we engaged existing fans on Twitter with a simple competition: tweet your three favourite French picnic foods and visit our new URL to win a gastronomic getaway to Lyon. Next, we populated the hub with travel guides and video tours by locals. Social influencers added vlogs from Eurostar’s inaugural journeys.

Eurostar now ranks 7th in the search rankings for ‘South of France holidays’ – up from the 100s pre-campaign.

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