Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Predicting the future

We had created a travel magazine for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and we wanted to use data to drive even more visitors to relevant content. As such, we began publishing content about trending travel destinations just as consumers are beginning to search for them. But how could we forecast and write about locations before they became popular?

Meet Ascendr, our predictive analysis tool. We used several years of historic search and social data on travel, and combined that with which destinations influencers were advocating. This fed into our formula, which revealed the top 20 trending locations for the brand, which we could use for our travel content. Since penning the articles, we’ve also created beautiful video content based on Ascendr’s predictions, transforming Enterprise from a car rental company into an inspirational travel brand.

We’ve checked which locations really did become popular, and all 20 had shot up in average monthly search volume compared to the year before - that's a 100% accuracy rate! These predictions gave a huge boost to our travel articles, increasing page views by an average of 247%, increasing click through from social, and reaping SEO benefits for Enterprise.

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