Casio - The Indestructibles

Casio G-Shocks are tough watches… really tough. So tough, in fact, that they’ve remained a favourite of intrepid sports and active lifestyle fanatics for the last 30 years. While 2015 had been a good year for the brand, it entered the crucial 2015 Christmas period with some lofty sales targets still to achieve. They wanted to drive a 10% year-on-year increase on Q4 sales.

However, pre-Christmas is overloaded with competitive messaging as every brand in the category goes to market (in 2014 category advertising spend was up 182% quarter on quarter, with G-shock having just 4% SOV). Whilst we’d historically used integrated TV partnerships to attract a more attentive audience, our young male core target was drifting away from broadcast TV towards short-form videos.

So how would we find a way to achieve the scale of traditional TV, with the relevance and attention of sponsorships past?

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