Camelot - Power of the Last Hour

We all know the feeling: there’s a huge National Lottery rollover, so we’re sure we’re going to buy a ticket. However, while relaxing at home on a Saturday night we realise that the draw has happened and we’ve missed out once again on being a millionaire. Leaving things to the last minute is a vice many of us sadly suffer.

National Lottery sales figures are a great reminder of this: roughly 80% of sales happen on the last day, and particularly in the last three hours before the draw closes. That imminent deadline makes purchasing a ticket more exciting for everyone, but in our busy lives it can all too often slips to the back of our minds. We wanted to make that deadline unavoidable.

The objective was straightforward: if we could create a greater sense of urgency before the draw, we would sell more Lotto tickets. Our solution was to transform our advertising by introducing a live countdown clock into our messaging. This would show the nation how long they had left to buy a ticket and would increase the power of our advertising by the second.

To encourage the entire nation to act immediately, this couldn’t exist in isolation: it needed to be introduced into every single media touchpoint on our plan. Making this happen at scale would require us to overcome immense technical challenges to Live-sync across all channels to the exact second. This would include the world’s first use of dynamic data inside TV.

The results were outstanding.

by Vizeum, iProspect & Data2Decisions - Read more