British Airways

British Airways – Getting the Edge in Marketing ROI

In the competitive airline world, margins matter; for British Airways, this means getting the edge in marketing ROI without compromising brand integrity. Flight retargeting based on site searches was working well, but it wasn’t unique and reach was limited. To get the edge, they needed to take it to the next level by targeting potential customers on other people’s sites.

We set out to target new prospects, using second and third party data to drive click-through and serve personalised BA ads to people - even if they’d never visited We tested this new idea in eight European markets where we run ‘always-on’ performance campaigns. They helped us narrow down hundreds of routes to 280 very commercially significant routes across eight primary markets.

Across mainland Europe, BA has more limited brand awareness than in the UK, so this strategy had the potential to reach new non-BA customers. We trialled a new personalised travel prospecting method to bring BA thousands of new customers and take marketing performance to the next level. Technically and strategically this was challenging, but working with BA, various data providers and ad-serving platform Flashtalking, that’s what we achieved.

The result was a data-driven campaign of unprecedented scale that boosted BA’s ROI by 25%, raising the bar and the scope for performance-led marketing in the travel sector.

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