Vizeum’s Charlie Ebdy picks up IPA President’s Prize for branding essay

22 March 2016: Vizeum's Head of Strategy Charlie Ebdy has picked up the coveted IPA Excellence Diploma President’s Prize for his essay The Tortoise and The Hare on how the rules of branding need to catch up with the pace of 21st-century business.

In the essay, Charlie states his belief that the way brands are built needs to be tailored to both buyer and seller, and with business in the 21st century changing at pace it is imperative we complement the classic rules of brand-building with a set of new rules built from how brands actually grow today.

Charlie therefore propose a two-stage model of brand-building: fast branding, the Hare model, that helps create brands early on, and slow branding, the Tortoise model, that helps sustain them afterwards.

“This essay stood out for its clarity of its thinking, the elegance of its expression and its profound insights into the challenges for brands in the 21st century,” said IPA President Tom Knox. “The jduges were impressed by the maturity of his analysis of the the conventional wideom about brand-building and the provocative but balanced interrogation of that widsom, out of which he creates a new set of rules for 21st-century brands.

“His analysis is compelling back up with nurmour examples; it should be required reading for anyone who is serious about trying to create successful brands today.”

Read the full essay here and be sure to check out Charlie’s upcoming and make sure you attend his full presentation at Ad Week Europe 2016 on the IPA Stage at 3pm on Monday 18 April.

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